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Why clean my BInS?

Call it a Trash Bin, Garbage Can, or a Wheelie Bin - they all have two things in common: Everyone has at least one, and they are about the dirtiest place in your home.  It's no surprise when you consider what we throw in them!  Everyone knows about the odors, but few stop to consider the dangers that can lurk within...


When not maintained, a whole bunch of nasty things can start growing in there.  In addition to the awful smell E-coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and Coliform bacteria are among the many microbes that can take up residence, all of which are dangerous to those who interact with the can. 


Dirty cans also have "friends" that clean cans don't.  This environment is very attractive to flies and other insects.  Roaches and rodents tend to be drawn in by the odor, bringing with them disease and a host of other problems.  These conditions can be present if you store your cans outside the home, and even worse when stored inside a hot garage during the summer Texas heat. 


Sure, you can clean it yourself - but you don't really want to!  That's where we come in, with a specialized truck that blasts steaming hot water at high pressure to sanitize your trash & recycle bins, consuming a fraction of the water you would use with your garden hose.  Better yet: all that nasty stuff from inside the can isn't splashing on you, running down your driveway, and polluting the storm drains - it stays on our truck for proper disposal. All you have to do is put your cans out on garbage day!

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