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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • How much does your service cost?
    For Trash & Recycle Bin Cleaning we offer a number of options to fit you budget: for other services a quote is required. Click here to see your options for Bin Cleaning Click here to sign up for service
  • How do you clean my bins?
    Our technician come to your home on your garbage collection day with custom built powerwashing vehicle which uses hot water at high pressure to sanitize the inside of your bins and make them look like new. All the nasty stuff that comes out of your bin is captured on the truck for proper disposal, keeping your property clean and safe. An envirnimentally friendly antimicrobial with a light fragrance is then applied to help them stay clean and fresh.
  • What kind of chemicals do you use for Bin Cleaning?
    NONE! Our system uses only the power of high pressure and hot water to clean and sanitize the inside of your bin, leaving it 99% free of germs and bacteria for your safety.
  • How will I know when you are coming?
    Although same day / emergency service is available, most jobs are scheduled in advance. You will receive an email around noon, and a text reminder around 6PM on the day before your service, as well as a reminder text with an ETA when our technician is on the way to your home.
  • Do I have to agree to a contract for Bin Cleaning?
    Absolutely not! We do not charge for services until we have actually done something for you! Customers can sign up for a plan which reserves their place on our service schedule, but does not commit them to a long termn contract. We are confident you will be pleased with our service, and will want to keep your spot on our schedule. We do provide an option for customers to lock in a lower rate by paying in advance, and this service can stay with the customer if they move within our service area, is transferrable to the new homeowner, or eligible for a refund of the unused service
  • What are my responsibilities for Bin Cleaning?
    You don't have to do anything different! Simply put your cans to the curb as you normally would on trash day. We come by after your provider empties them, and will take care of the rest. You will receive a notification when we are on our way to your home, and another after your service is complete, so you know your bins are clean, fresh, and ready for you. (PLEASE NOTE: because we must leave time for your bins to be emptied, our routes don't start until early afternoon, and run though the evening. Depending on the jobs scheduled on your particular trash day, it may be evening before we get to you, but we will be there!)
  • Why should I clean my bins?
    The benefits of keeping your bin clean are numerous. Besides the obvious odors that are inevitable, the waste that passes through these bins provides a breeding ground for all kinds of nasty organisms, putting you and your family at risk. The smell also attracts attention: from household pets, insects, rodents, other wild animals, and in some cases your neighbors on the other side of the fence! Regular bin maintenance eliminates all these issues, results in a better experience when you have to take out the garbage, and may allow you the convenience of keeping you bins in the garage without the oppressive odor and dangers of a dirty bin. (For additional details, click here)
  • Can't I clean my own bins?
    Sure, you can do it yourself, but you probably don't want to! The physical challenge is a problem for many, as it is hard to reach down inside those large bins and scrub all that gunk out of the corners. Even if you do invest in long handled tools, they don't quite cut it, and you will likely have to flip it on it's side so you can get down in there and scrub it out, all while braving the odor and cleaning agent of your choice. You also end up with a lot of gross wastewater and cleaner, which ends up splashed on you, contaminating your driveway and more as it runs onto the street, or on your lawn. We take care of this chore easily, and sanitize your bin at a reasonable price, using a fraction of the water, no chemicals, and dispose of the waste properly. And you won't have to worry about finding a fashionable Hazmat Suit....

Payments, Cancellations, and our satisfaction guarantee

Payments Accepted:

Payment is accepted via credit card for most cleaning jobs.  After you have entered your information in our system, only you have access to the specific account info.  Your card will not be charged until service is delivered. 

Cancellation Policy:

You will be notified in advance of your service, and will have access to your schedule through our client hub if you are on a scheduled plan.  If a scheduled appointment does not work for you, please let our office know before the day of service, and we will reschedule for you.  Services not rescheduled in advance of our crew's arrival may result in service charges.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

DFW Envirowash and Splash Can are 100% committed to your satisfaction!  If you are not delighted with our service, please let us know, and we will make it right.  If we can't make it right, we will issue a refund or credit your account. 

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