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The 96 gallon bins provided by our communities may be convenient to use, but not to clean.  Here's how we make it easy for you to have a fresh, clean bin:

  • When you sign up for service, we make sure all your questions are answered up front, and don't charge you a dime.

  • You'll get a notification a few days before your scheduled cleaning letting you know we are coming.

  • You'll get a text reminder the day before your service.

  • On the day of service, we let you know when you are next.

  • In most cases, we will arrive later in the day and take care of your bin so you can have it back in service the same night: (no need to leave it out until sometime the next day.)

  • We clean and sanitize your bin with hot water (195 degrees!) and high pressure (3500PSI!) - no harsh cleaners used here!

  • We then apply a special eco-friendly antimicrobial which helps keep your can smelling clean and fresh longer.

  • What happens to all that nasty stuff that came out of your can? It is captured and stays in our truck for proper disposal: no runoff contaminating your driveway, or running down the street into the storm sewers.

  • No long term commitment is required, and for customers on our standard plan there is never a charge until we've done the work!