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Robotic trash pickup service is here!

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

New systems are making trash collection a little less of a "Dirty Job."

Operators can empty your can without exiting the truck...

These newer systems are becoming more common in the greater DFW area. A semi- automated gripper is guided by the driver to dump and return your can back to your curb. The safety advantages for drivers are the biggest benefit. Instead of having one operator behind the wheel and a second manually dumping the bins, this system requires only the driver, who is then largely protected from the elements. Collecting the trash may be ok when it's comfortable and sunny, but when it's raining or cold the operator is not exposed to the weather. The one man trucks are not quite a quick as the two man crews, but the savings in labor quickly adds up, and the second driver is no longer at risk outside the vehicle.

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